There are many laws and regulations that impact how we, as landlords, provide housing to someone in return for monthly payment.

As a landlord, you must be familiar with numerous laws, from the local to federal level. Local (city, township, county level) legal topics include evictions, zoning, construction, historical sites, permits, signs, property management etc.

Statewide laws cover the same items, but at a more general level. Legislators in Springfield are continually proposing new bills that may become law. These bills/laws range from environmental (i.e. lead poisoning) to policing (i.e. the requirement to evict someone accused of selling drugs). At the federal level, laws exist that are designed to prevent housing discrimination in renting.

Protect yourself and research these laws by using all resources available to you such as the internet, library, etc. You should also have knowledge of credit privacy and credit check regulations.

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